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Bespoke Joinery

Foers originated in the village of Treeton in 1814, as the local Wheelwrights, Builders, Joiners and Funeral Directors.

From these roots we have grown into a thriving modern business where all our work still retains the traditional craftsmanship and quality hand finish.

We have invested heavily in our state of the art workshops and from these facilities we are able to mass produce items still keeping a firm hold of the quality of all items produced.  Our experienced Joiners are able to take on the most intricate and bespoke projects and this coupled with our in-house polishing facilities produce high quality finished products.

We pride ourselves on high quality and good service in bespoke joinery and also our workforce where several of our joiners have come through new apprenticeships and have learnt from our experienced joiners.


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Foers Contracts offer bespoke joinery, shopfitting services, bespoke windows and residential refurbishment to South Yorkshire and beyond